The Hungarian University Federation of Cluj (FUMC – KMEI) is implementing the project “Culture and Nature in Transylvania: Past and Future” through which a unique transdisciplinary and transnational research group is established that studies the cultural and natural heritages of Sălaj County in a common framework using the complex methodologies of ecology, art history, archaeology, cultural and visual anthropology. The project meets the objectives of PA16/RO12 “Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage” Programme financed by the SEE 2009-2014 Financial Mechanism, and it is implemented in partnership with Bergen University Museum, and the Nordic Anthropological Film Association.

In the framework of the project 8 public meetings have been organized in the study area. The project team has met the local stakeholders in Crasna and Nuşfalău (25 May 2016), Ip and Boghiş (26 May 2016), Marca and Valcău de Jos (28 June 2016) and Halmăşd and Plopiş (29 June 2016). The presentations took place in a friendly atmosphere and were followed by discussions between the project team and locals. The local people present at the events showed their interest in the project: both parties agreed that the region holds exceptional natural and cultural heritage, but without being valued at an appropriate level. Similar projects have the potential to raise the awareness and to raise the visibility of this heritage.

halmasd 1 halmasd 2 marca

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