Norwegian-Romanian workshop ‘The Art of Knowledge Exchange’

Norwegian-Romanian workshop at the University Museum of Bergen, Norway: ‘The Art of Knowledge Exchange’ will be held on Friday the 7th of November 2014. The aim of the workshop is knowledge sharing in the fields of culture, human-nature relationships and applied visual anthropology. Speakers from the University of Bergen, from the Hungarian University Federation of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, NAFA and others, will present case studies and screen films.

The day will start at 9.00 o’clock with presentations from the participants from Romania. Bálint Markó will presentConserving and promoting natural heritages in Romania with the involvement of local communities’ and Töhötöm Árpád Szabó will present ‘Cultural heritage, discourses of tourism and the reproduction of rurality in Transylvania’. Orsolya Veraart will present her film ‘Man of Nature and Me‘. There will be a screening of Alyssa Grossman’s film, ‘Memory Objects, Memory Dialogues‘. Frode Storaas will use excerpts from the film ‘From Sunny Side to Shadowland‘ (dir. Knut Terum) and ‘Tama Gaun – the Copper Village‘ (dir. Frode Storaas and Dipesh Kharel) to discuss ‘Cultural heritage, local communities and reproduction’. The day will conclude with a discussion about ‘What to label as heritage?‘ chaired by Hans-Jakob Ågotnes.

NAFA and the University Museum of Bergen are commonly organising the workshop, which is funded by EEA Grants & Norway Grants and open for everybody. In case you would like to attend, and for further information, please contact Ralph Veraart, email:, mob. +4794282799.

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