About us

About us

The Hungarian University Federation from Cluj-Napoca (FUMC–KMEI) is a Romanian non-profit legal entity. Its headquarters is in Cluj-Napoca, str. Tipografiei Nr. 12/1, jud. Cluj, it has been established in 2004 (registration no. 8203/2004, by the Cluj County Court. Tax no: 16747585, bank account no. RO35RNCB0106026575120001 RON, BCR – Cluj.

Its legal representative is lect. univ. dr. Szabó Árpád Töhötöm, the director of the organization.The federation was founded by the associations and the foundations that worked as the background institutions for the departments of the Hungarian line at the Babes–Bolyai University and its aim is to support the academic activities at BBU.

The main objectives and the proposed activities of the University Federation are the following: the support of the scientific colleges that secure the formation of the future elites, the support of the different forms of teacher-student collaboration, tutorial programs for students, the support of visiting professor programs, the support and implementation of research programs, organization of conferences, workshops and other scientific events with the scope of the development of the scientific activities. We propose to offer grants and scholarships for study and research, awards, prizes and other allocations, subventions in collaboration with other associations and institutions in order to achieve an advanced level in scientific and educational activities.

FUMC–KMEI considers an important task the representation of interests of the professional-scientific groups that work in the framework of the higher studies in Hungarian language in Cluj-Napoca, as well the relationships with the Ministry of Education, other scientific institutions and universities home and abroad.

The operative management of the University Federation is covered by the Executive Board, and the scientific-cultural coordination is provided by the Scientific Council.

The FUMC-KMEI is the umbrella organization of the following associacions and foundations: Apáthy István Egyesület, Cholnoky Jenő Földrajzi Társaság, EmpiriX Egyesület, Entz Géza Művelődéstörténeti Alapítvány, Farkas Gyula Egyesület a Matematikáért és az Informatikáért, Julesz Társaság, Kriza János Néprajzi TársaságLáthatatlan Kollégium, Max Weber Társadalomkutatásért Alapítvány, Medea Egyesület, Politeia Romániai Magyar Politikatudományi Társaság, Pósta Béla Egyesület, Pro Philosophia Alapítvány, Pro Oeconomica Egyesület, Terra Nova Egyesület.